2017 Finals Live!

Stream starts Saturday April 22, 2017 at approximately 7pm Ottawa time

Join us for the Canadian Improv Games National Finals! The top five high school improv teams in Canada hit the National Arts Centre stage on Saturday, April 22, 2017 to see who takes home National Gold.

Our webcast is just like being right there at the National Arts Centre! And just like being there, we’d love to provide you with the opportunity to support Canadian Improv Games by purchasing a ticket!

How to watch

If you would like to make a small donation in the form of a “ticket” for the event, we very much welcome the help.  If you would just like to watch for free, click the free ticket option down at the bottom. If you’re watching with a group of people, please select that number of tickets so we can keep track of how many people are watching.

Eventbrite - 2017 Canadian Improv Games National Finals Webcast

You will be redirected to an Eventbrite page, and then once you’ve selected your viewing option, you’ll be directed to the broadcast, beginning at 7pm on April 22nd.

Some of the special ticket options include:

Deluxe Ticket

For every Deluxe ticket purchased, you will get thanked on stage during the Finals and therefore hear your own name broadcast in appreciation!

Personal Message Ticket

With every personal message ticket purchased, you can have any message you like read to the audience by a referee. It can be well-wishes to your favorite team, or an shout out to someone or anything! Keep it clean. CIG reserves the right to make edits if we feel the message is offensive.

Audience Thank You Ticket

For every Audience Thank You ticket purchased, the head referee will conduct the entire audience of the National Arts Centre to thank you on the broadcast.

Free Ticket

Pretty straight forward, watch the show for free! Of course, you can also make a tax deductible donation online.

Eventbrite - 2017 Canadian Improv Games National Finals Webcast

  • The webcast will be a 5 camera HD stream live switched.

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