About us

For 40 years, students have enjoyed the thrill and excitement of participating in the Canadian Improv Games.

From its humble beginning as an educational adventure into a new style of theatre learning, The Canadian Improv Games got its start in Ottawa in 1977.

Today, CIG is home to one of the largest and most geographically dispersed theatre festivals in Canada with 14 regional programs and over 100,000 alumni participants.  Each year students gain access, through their high school, to a variety of immersive workshops, training sessions and performance opportunities that are formatted to build and promote invaluable skills including Positivity, Communication, Leadership, Commitment and Teamwork.

Over the years a number of notable Canadian performers have got their start on the CIG stage including Sandra Oh, Seth Rogan, Nathan Fielder, Alanis Morissette, and Tatiana Maslany.

The Canadian Improv Games were created by Howard Jerome and Jamie “Willie” Wyllie based on a concept (The Improv Olympics) created by David Shepherd and Howard Jerome. Willie and his improv team Stage Fright produced the first matches in 1977 continuing into the early 80s.  By the 1990s with the efforts of Willie and Johnson Moretti, the games had exploded into a national phenomenon, so popular they were even given hour long live coverage on YTV.

Today, CIG is home to over 100,000 alumni, thousands of current students and programs operating in fourteen cities across Canada.  Learn more about our regional programs, summer camps, festivals and other special programs by visiting the rest of our website!

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The Canadian Improv Games  is a national charity organization dedicated to enriching the lives of youth through improvisational theatre education.