Alphabet Game

A restriction game.


This scene has 26 lines. Each line of dialogue must begin with the next sequential letter of the alphabet. There is no real need to start with ‘A’. Ask for the starting letter from the audience.


To work within the limitations of the rule and still create a full story.


Don’t allow the rules of the game to dominate the scene – the “stunt” version over emphasises the letter progression. The challenge is to create a full STORY in which each consecutive line of dialogue just happens to begin with the next letter of the alphabet. Trust yourselves.


Every line spoken on stage must start with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet. This challenges the tendancy with this game to use long paragraphs of exposition to advance the story to avoid the structure of the game.

Each character on the stage gets a letter: all of their lines must begin with this letter.

Alliteration: each character gets a letter, then has to use that letter as many times as possible within the scene.