Arms Experts

Two improvisors become expert know-it-all’s on a subject of the audience’s choosing. The format can be an interview, talk show, lecture, debate…


One improvisor comes up to play an expert on a suggested topic. A second improvisor stands behind the first. The front improviser wraps their arms around the improviser behind. The rear improviser puts his arms out as the front persons arms.


To encourage spontaneity, and the making and justifying of physical offers. Freeing the trust in ones impulses.


The front improviser (the “voice” of the Expert) should include and justify all of the physical offers made by the “arms” (rear) improviser. The rear improviser should stay present, listen carefully to the front improviser and then add physical offers of their own. Take your time: relaxation will keep you in the moment, and that will be more interesting to watch than hurried or incomplete answers/statements. Confidence is both more interesting and more important than speed.