Bus Stop

A classic game that explores character while encouraging listening and discovery skills.


A bench is placed centre stage. One improviser enters and sits on the bench A second improviser enters and begins to play a scene. The scene is over when the first character slowly adopts the second character’s characteristics and leaves the stage, The character that just entered remains seated on the bench a third character enters and begins a scene which ends when the second player exits having adopted the third character’s characteristics. Repeat until all players have been on stage.


To develop/practice the skills of characterization and character interaction.


Don’t let an improviser use the same character or tactic too many times, or you compromise the purpose of the exercise. Respect your fellow improvisers: the scene is over when the first person leaves, but the scene must still be played together. Even when you play an aggressive CHARACTER, remember that the good IMPROVISOR is always listening and aware of offers made and actions taken by EVERYONE on stage.


More than two people can be on the stage at one time