from Regina, Saskatchewancampbell

Campbell Collegiate’s “Fantasy League” Improv Team hails from Regina, where they most recently placed first at the Saskatchewan Regional Tournament! Fantasy League produces shows and performs at fundraisers, radio shows and other events year round. This team eats, drinks, sleeps and is married to what is referred to as the improv. In the event of an apocalypse, these 8 players (playas?) would improvise a bomb shelter complete with the essentials: snacks, drama boxes and a full filmography of Nicholas Cage!¬†They are very excited to be returning to the National Tournament for the second consecutive season.

The Team:

Mac Brock

Holden Greggains

Brittany Haughey

Natalie Lazarou

Trang Nguyen

Brandon Powell

Annie Trussler

Afrothiti Yannitsos



Michel Chammartin & Daniel Murphy


Catch them on Tuesday, March 26th – Night 1 of the National Tournament!