Crisis Situation

A great exercise in spontaneity and impulse.


Students form a backline. Two players come on stage and approach each other with a crisis, and an object unrelated to the crisis. After each has presented his or her crisis and object, the other solves his/her partner’s crisis with his/her own object. Replies must be instantaneous. For example: Player A: I failed the big test and I just have this bouncy ball. Player B: I crashed my car and I’m stuck with this teddy bear. Player A: Here’s my bouncy ball, you can use it to distract someone so you can steal their car. Player B: Here’s my teddy bear, he’ll console you while you study for the makeup exam.


To connect with impulse and spontaneity; to accept and forward offers; to justify offers.


Students should not be afraid of coming up with silly responses, as long as the offer is accepted and justified.