2017/2018 Fundraising Goals

Canadian Improv Games 2017/18 Goals

1. Launch a specialized camp program for students with autism spectrum disorder to explore improv through curriculum developed by Canadian Improv Games trainers and clinical psychologists from leading universities in Canada.

2. Create youth subsidy programs:

  • to provide free leadership programs for students in underfunded schools.
  • to provide free summer camp passes to students from low-income families.

3. Develop more online tools and programs to reach students in remote areas.

4. Conduct research on diversity and inclusion within our organization that results in the creation of new curriculum and outreach programs to ensure all students can access CIG.


Canadian Improv Games Fundraising Targets

$25 – Your donation of $25 goes towards our summer camp subsidy program that offers students from low-income families with a free pass to one of our week-long summer camps.

$50 – Includes the above + support to develop curriculum for a specialized CIG program launching in 2018 for students with autism spectrum disorder.  This program will also offer subsides to students towards improv camp programs during March Break and throughout the summer.

$100 – Includes the above + support for a group of 10 high school students from underprivileged schools and regions across Canada to take part in leadership training and improv workshops throughout the school year.

$1000 – Includes the above + support for the research and development of a diversity and inclusion program to ensure all students have access to our programs + support the creation of more online resources that will have an immediate impact on students in remote areas.


BONUS: If you donate in the month of June, Canada Helps will enter CIG into a contest to win an additional $10,000 to support our programs next year!  Donations of $100 or more will be entered into a raffle to win a $500 Air Canada gift certificate.


About Canadian Improv Games 

Canadian Improv Games is a charity organization dedicated to empowering youth across Canada by teaching invaluable life skills like leadership, communication, commitment, positivity and teamwork through improvisational theatre and leadership training programs.

Founded in Ottawa in 1977, Canadian Improv Games is now home to the largest and most geographically dispersed youth theatre festival in Canada as well as 14 regional programs that operate in partnership with over 250 high schools across Canada.

For 40 years, CIG’s programs have helped students build confidence, strengthen their critical-thinking skills, enhance their overall mental health, learn respect for others, explore their creativity and develop life-long friendships with other participating students from across Canada.