Toronto Regional Program

Welcome to the Toronto Regional Canadian Improv Games Program! 

Established in 1986, the Toronto program is part of a national network of regional teams that join the Canadian Improv Games through their local high school.  During the school year, students gain access to a number of exciting and unique programs that encourage exploring the art of improv, learning life skills like Positivity, Communication, Leadership, Commitment and Teamwork, making new friends and having fun.

For more information, to register your high school in our 2018/19 program or to get involved as a volunteer, player or coach, please contact Regional Producers Jenn Ferris & Tiegh Fitzgerald at


Co-Regional Producer, Jenn Ferris

Jennifer has been involved with the Canadian Improv Games for over a decade as a player, coach, trainer, and volunteer. Her life is completely consumed by improv! Not only is she the National Program Coordinator for the CIG but she is also the Youth Academy Director for Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto. She fell in love with improv when she was a player and is dedicated to spreading the love, warmth, and support improv gives people. Jennifer has a degree in Multimedia and Film Production UNB and a studied Theatre Performance at Humber Theatre.  She makes occasional appearances on Bad Dog, Comedy & So Cap stages. She really likes cats and loves to discuss in depth current pop culture trends.

Co-Regional Producer, Tiegh Fitzgerald

Tiegh has been involved with Canadian Improv Games for 11 years. In that time, he has filled every CIG role imaginable. Outside of CIG, he is co-founder and Artistic Director of Eastbound Comedy Theatre in the East GTA. Before that Tiegh coached the improv team at UofT Scarborough, which is where he graduated from with a degree in Arts Management. Besides improv, he loves board games and Dungeons and Dragons (which uses so many improv skills!).

2018/19 Toronto Region + CIG National Upcoming Events


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