He Said/She Said

A great endowment game.


Two players stand onstage. The first player speaks a line of dialogue. Each player will state the action the other player must perform, followed by his/her own line. For example: 1. “I want a divorce” 2: “She said, while grabbing a knife from the kitchen table.” At this point player 1 needs to take a knife. Player 2 continues with his own line. “Sure Honey” 1: “He said, while turning to the sports page of the paper”. Now, it’s quite clear that player 2 should be paying more attention to the paper than to his wife. Player 1 continues with her own line. “You’re not listening to me,” and so on until the scene is complete.


To explore and heighten endowment; to challenge but also support your fellow player; to accept and forward offers.


Can be quite challenging, in terms of logic; it helps if players are familiar with one another and if their “stage directions” are mostly physical offers for their fellow player. Can become “talking heady” if players are thinking too much about what to offer to their partner rather than their own action. Emphasize the five elements.


Can be done with four players; 2 provide the lines, and the 2 others provide the directions, one for each actor.