High School Programs

The Canadian Improv Games core programming provides high school improv teams with educational resources, training and workshops that all culminate in annual competitions at the regional and national level.  Each year thousands of high school students from across Canada take part in our regional improv program and finalists from each regional tournament then travel to Ottawa to perform in a 4-night festival at the National Arts Centre.

For over 40 years, students have enjoyed the thrill and excitement of participating in the Canadian Improv Games.  A place to make life-long friends, students have also praised their newly acquired talent and self-confidence, not to mention the endless fun that comes with taking part in this truly unique experience.

New to improv?

Interested in taking part in the Canadian Improv Games?

Follow these steps!

#1 Visit our online Learning Centre, to learn all about the wonderful world of improv or check out one of our events in person to see what it’s all about!

#2 Have a teacher from your high school contact our General Manager to register your team in our program.  From there you will be put in touch with one of our Regional Directors to get you started.   You can also visit our Regional Directory page to see a list of programs near you.

#3 Consider taking part in our Online Wildcard Program for an additional training opportunity and a second chance to make it to Nationals!

#4 Just because you don’t make it as a National finalist doesn’t mean you can’t attend the National Tournament and Festival in Ottawa!  Sign up as a Festival Participant today!

#5 If you can’t get a high school team together right now or you want to continue your improv training after the National tournament, sign up for one of our amazing summer camps!