Join us for the 2020-2021 school year!

Registration for the 2020-2021 CIG season is officially open! We will be embarking on a strange year while we navigate CIG programming in a COVID world. But! We’re improvisers, if there’s one thing we’re good at it’s thinking on our feet!

The registration fee this year is $275+HST per SCHOOL (not per team as in previous years).

Your registration fee this year entitles you to:

Your school’s participation in our programming

1 30-minute consultation call with Program Manager and Interim General Manager Spencer Dunn

1 1-hour virtual workshop with a CIG trainer to set your team up with skills to improvise online for up to 10 students (extra workshops may be purchased)

Access to the CIG Google Classroom Module (5 1-hour self-led workshops) *coming later this year*

The option for mid-season feedback (due January 31st)

Entry into the CIG National Tournament (more details forthcoming)

The option to purchase more workshop time (purchased at an hourly rate, visit for more info)

Fill out this registration form if you are interested. Once you fill out the form you will receive an email on the following Friday with more information on how to book a consultation with the Interim General Manager.

If you have ANY questions please reach out to Interim General Manager Spencer Dunn at

More information about programming!

The Program

This year registering with our program includes:

A 30 minute consultation call with Program Manager and Interim General Manager Spencer Dunn. This phone or Zoom call will help determine the best support for your program and walk you through any questions or concerns you may have. Scheduling options for these calls will be sent out after you register.

A 1-hour virtual workshop with a CIG trainer. Regardless of how your team is meeting we will run a workshop for you and your students. You can bring up to 10 students to the workshop and the trainer will Zoom/Google Meets/FaceTime (whatever works for you!) into your classroom and you will be sent a lesson plan ahead of time to help more smoothly run the workshop. If you and your team are meeting entirely virtually – we can accommodate that too! A trainer will join your team on whatever software you use to meet and will run a 1-hour workshop for up to 10 participants.

Access to the *NEW* CIG Google Classroom Module. Launching later in 2020 the CIG Google Classroom Module will be available to anyone who signs up for our program this year. The module will be 5 1-hour workshops built to teach the basic fundamentals of improv in the classroom or online. More information about the Google Classroom module will be announced with our “New School” Campaign which will launch later this year. It can be used in your classroom or with your team(s) to help strengthen their understanding of improv.

The Tournament

Registration this year also includes:

As many teams as you feel comfortable running. We don’t want anyone to feel restricted by choosing their number of teams at the beginning of the year so we’re allowing schools to register as many teams as they want. On your consultation call with Spencer Dunn you will discuss how many teams you will be running (junior and senior) and how the programming can support you in that. Your one free workshop will of course cater to ONE team (with a maximum participation of 10 students) but you are more than welcome to purchase extra workshops if you need extra support for your other teams. Pricing and information for individual workshops is below.

A mid-season evaluation. Whether you are performing virtually or you have the capacity to film live performances we will be providing you with mid-season evaluations. Just like the online wildcard in previous years you may submit up to 2 scenes per team and our qualified adjudicators will give in-depth 5-10 minute written and video adjudications. Submissions for mid-season feedback will be due on January 31st and feedback will be returned by the end of February.

A spot in the (first ever!) Online National Tournament. The details of this are still forthcoming but we are doing away with regional tournaments this year in place of a larger national tournament. Teams will submit their 4 scenes and will be judged in pools. From the entire national pool a number of teams (depending on total registration numbers) will advance to finals and they will submit another round of videos of judging. From there a top five will be selected and another round of videos will be submitted. These top five will be judged and a winner of the entire National Tournament will be selected by the end of May. More details and full rules will be announced in the new year. Teams that can meet in person will be judged separately from teams that perform over platforms such as Zoom.

*A note on Regional Producers: At this time we won’t be contracting any Regional Producers. Producers may be contracted on a smaller scale to run spring-time events but this will all be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Your ONLY CIG contact should be Spencer Dunn at

Live Events

As mentioned previously we will not be holding any live events until at least 2021. It is looking likely that we will be extending that decision until at least Spring of 2021. In areas where live theatre seems like a possibility we may allow for in-person showcases to highlight the talent of students locally. These events are more likely going to be fundraising events or student showcases and will hopefully happen in May or June of 2021. Weather permitting we’d love to hold shows outside! Again, a lot depends on the social distancing limitations in each region- but we will continue to monitor that as the year progresses.

How to Register

Registration this year will be a lot simpler. We want to make our registration as “contactless” as possible so we’re shifting to online payment and registration. If online payment is NOT an option for you please let us know ASAP and we will arrange another payment method.

Once you have filled out the form you will receive 3 things:

  1. An invoice from Quickbooks which will give you payment options. This year our preferred method of payment is credit card OR etransfer but if this is not an option please let us know immediately so we can provide alternatives.
  2. A link to schedule your consultation with Spencer Dunn
  3. More in depth information about the CIG in general (the rulebook, the coaching manual, etc.)

Workshops “By the Hour”

This year we’re going to give anyone the option to buy workshops “by the hour”. You are welcome to buy a workshop by the hour at any point this year. You get one free workshop for up to 10 students with your registration but any workshop after that is purchased by the hour! This workshop time can be purchased at any time! If you purchase a workshop. Purchasing extra workshop time is available now! Just fill out this google form to purchase your workshop time:

Once you have filled out the form a follow up email will be sent to you on the following Friday with information on scheduling and payment. Workshops are delivered by contracted CIG trainers. Workshops cost $65/hr+HST. This helps cover the cost of our trainers who we believe in paying equitably and also the overhead of administration. 

All workshops must be attended by an adult- if this is NOT an option we will be recording the workshop to the safety of the participants and the instructor. We may also ask that your workshop be recorded for training purposes

That’s It (for now)!