Knight, Mount, Cavalier

Knight, Mount, Cavalier is all about physicalization and support. Make sure your students have stretched!


Students get into pairs of Player A and Player B.

The Director will call out one of three physical poses, either Knight, Mount or Cavalier, which are as follows:

Knight: Player A gets down on one knee. Player B puts one foot on Player A’s knee and one hand in the air, is if brandishing a sword high.

Mount: Player B gets on all fours as a horse would; Player A mounts Player B like a rider.

Cavalier: Player A extends his/her arms; Player B jumps into Player A’s arms like a damsel (or dude-damsel) in distress.

Students must hold and support each pose until the Director calls a new one.


To physically attack an offer or impulse (but not your scene partner), to share space and focus, and to find the joy in physical scenework.


Safety is important here; so pairing students evenly according to height/weight isn’t a bad idea. Speed and accuracy are key, as well!