Kingston Regional Program

Welcome to the Kingston Regional Canadian Improv Games Program! 

Established in 1989, the Kingston program is part of a national network of regional teams that join the Canadian Improv Games through their local high school.  During the school year, students gain access to a number of exciting and unique programs that encourage exploring the art of improv, learning life skills like Positivity, Communication, Leadership, Commitment and Teamwork, making new friends and having fun.

For more information, to register your high school in our 2018 program or to get involved as a volunteer, player or coach, please contact Regional Producer Alice Adam at


Regional Producer,

Alice Adam

Alice has been involved in the CIG for ten years as a player, trainer, coach, Regional Director and now Regional Producer. Her passion for improv goes beyond the CIG, where she frequently takes classes and has performed in several shows both in Kingston and Vancouver. Last year, she created several new events for CIG: Kingston and she is excited to show you what she’s got planned for this year!


2018/2019 Kingston Region + CIG National Upcoming Events


CIG Kingston Fun Fact:  The Kingston region is known for hosting a regional tournament that unites improvisers from all over Eastern Ontario. Specifically, an area that exceeds 250 kilometres! Kingston is also known for many traditions including theme bird; the regions magical creature that comes to life and delivers themes on the night of finals


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