Video: Making Offers


This video introduces the building blocks of improvisation: Making Offers.

When making offers well, players should be presenting new information to a scene, and showing spontaneity by reducing hesitation. They should be creating opportunities for the other players to reveal character, forward the game or use the suggestion. They should employ the skill of endowment, making choices about the other characters and environment, as well as using specificity an detail to enrich the scene.

If watching this video as a group, use this content as a starting point for discussion.

Terms used in this video:

Any dialogue or action that advances the scene. New information. Offers should be accepted.

The influence of a particular feeling, mental state, your gut. A sudden, involuntary inclination prompting action. It’s where your offers come from.

The “where” and “who” of a scene. The information upon which everything else is built.

Games referenced in this video:

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Press Conference

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