St. John’s Regional Program

Welcome to the St. John’s Regional Canadian Improv Games Program! 

Established in 1992, the St. John’s program (serving all of Newfoundland and Labrador) is part of a national network of regional teams that join the Canadian Improv Games through their local high school.  During the school year, students gain access to a number of exciting and unique programs that encourage exploring the art of improv, learning life skills like Positivity, Communication, Leadership, Commitment and Teamwork, making new friends and having fun.

For more information, to register your high school in our program or to get involved as a volunteer, player or coach, please contact Regional Directors Elizabeth Glenn and Emily O’Keefe at


Co-Regional Producer, Elizabeth Glenn

Elizabeth Glenn has been involved with the Canadian Improv Games since 2011 and has loved every moment since.

During her time with the Games she’s been involved with the Newfoundland Tournament as a player, coach, trainer, and now Co-Regional Producer.

Elizabeth has received training at the National Tournament and Festival, Next Act, and has trained and volunteered at Improv U.

Outside of the CIG, Elizabeth is a founding member of No Vowels Improv, plays with The Second Stanleys, and is now a member of Stanley Braxton’s main cast.

Co-Regional Producer, Emily O’Keefe!

Emily O’Keefe started as a student performing in the Canadian Improv Games: Newfoundland region in 2006, and continued until her graduation in 2013. Since then she has improvised in several ensemble performances in St. John’s, become a trainer, referee and judge with the CIG and is living her dream working with students coast to coast. 

She has volunteered with the NS region, attended the Next Act festival, was a counsellor at Improv University, a trainer at the National Festival and Improv Camp, has taught students of all ages in NL, and the opportunity to teach students in Italy. 

In 2018 Emily was presented with a dedication award from the Canadian Improv Games: Newfoundland region for her years of commitment within the province. She will continue to be apart of the CIG family for years to come.


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