Halifax Regional Program

Welcome to the Halifax Regional Canadian Improv Games Program! 

Established in 2001, the Halifax program (serving numerous cities across Nova Scotia) is part of a national network of regional teams that join the Canadian Improv Games through their local high school.  During the school year, students gain access to a number of exciting and unique programs that encourage exploring the art of improv, learning life skills like Positivity, Communication, Leadership, Commitment and Teamwork, making new friends and having fun.

For more information, to register your high school in our 2018/19 program or to get involved as a volunteer, player or coach, please contact Regional Producer Liam Fair novascotia@improv.ca.

Regional Producer, Liam Fair

Liam Fair has been improvising for almost a decade. Now the Regional producer of Nova Scotia, he started with the games as a student in the region, going on to train with Flint Improv in Sackville, New Brunswick as well as some time with Instant and Blind Tiger in Vancouver! He now teaches both youth and adult classes with Neptune Theatre in Halifax.



2018/2019 Halifax Region + CIG National Upcoming Events


CIG Halifax Fun Fact:  A lot has changed since Nova Scotia’s start in 2001 as a small group of three teams. We have a trophy made of a large Moose Antler that was found on a trail while hiking in Cape Breton, and once, we gave away a FULL turkey dinner to the winner of the What’s in the Box raffle, complete with cranberry sauce! 

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