A simple offers game that can helps prove the “there are no bad choices, just bad follow-ups” adage.


Students pair off and find a place in the room where other pairs won’t distract them.

Taking turns, one student presents the other with a mimed gift. This happens silently. The gift can be any shape, weight, or physical dimensions that the giver would like.

The receiver takes the gift and mimes exactly what it is (he or she may unwrap or accept the gift in any manner they wish). Once the gift is established, the students trade places and give and receive again.

This continues until players have had a chance to give and accept several gifts.


To make clear and specific offers; to make clear and specific followups to offers; to make offers that are physical instead of verbal.


Again, the focus is not on creativity or cleverness but rather on giving and receiving offers that are accepted and added to by fellow players.


Advanced groups can perform an entire mime devoted to a gift, one that indicates the giver and receiver’s relationship, the environment and circumstance of the giving. Gibberish can be added to help move scenes along.

Presents can also be played in a blind line, to test the offer-making skills of your students by passing the same present between students who have their backs turned until it is handed to them. Once you moved down the line, ask each student what present they thought they received vs. what the present actually was. A good lesson in offers