Regional Programs

Without even realising it, CIG has helped with just simple social skills, like how to read body language, tone of voice, etc. It is the best teaching tool out there that doesn’t feel like a classroom. – Hugh, 17


With 14 regional tournaments spanning the country the Canadian Improv Games is the largest and most widespread youth theatre festival in the nation. We are very proud of the excellent work done by our local regional directors, coaches and wonderful teams throughout the country.

Your Refs, Cam, Chris and Jess
Your Refs, Cam, Chris and Jess

Check out the links below for information about your region, including how to contact your Regional Director.

If you’d like to participate in the Canadian Improv Games but don’t live in a town where there’s a Regional Tournament, your school can still compete for a chance to perform at the National Tournament in Ottawa by entering the ONLINE WILDCARD.

Going from east to west – you can find regional tournaments in these cities: