Lower Mainland, BC


We’re back for another exciting season!

What’s it all about?

The 2016-2017 season schedule.

Here in the lower mainland our Senior tournament starts this year with an all teams meeting in November. This is a great chance for all of the players to meet each other and for teachers to ask any questions they may have.  We will be holding an exciting bunch of events and our finals will be held at the Waterfront Theatre.  This year all of the senior team’s workshops will be taught by our top trainers. Our focus again this year is to continue the highest quality of instruction and making our nights of performance outstanding!

Please note: This year’s tournament is limited spots for teams so be sure to register soon to ensure a spot!

We have a Junior tournament!

Our Junior Tournament will be in full swing again this year. Top students from Junior and Senior Secondary schools from grade 6-10 will be shining again! There are limited spots so sign up soon and take advantage of our Senior / Junior packages. This year a school can enter up to three Junior teams at no additional charge!



Alistair Cook: lowermainland@improv.ca

LMCIG Regional Director