Online Wildcard

The 2017 Online Wildcard Tournament winner is CARSON GRAHAM SECONDARY!

Congratulations to Carson Graham Secondary, who will be advancing to the National Tournament and Festival this April in Ottawa.

This year the Online Tournament had 17 teams from 15 different schools across seven different regions. We also had eight judges from seven different regions. And somehow a tournament came together despite nobody being in the same room at the same time (aside, of course, from the teams themselves). The wonders of technology!

Here were the top five teams from this year:

  1. Carson Graham: 1334
  2. Lord Byng: 1331
  3. St. Matts: 1272
  4. Ladysmith: 1263
  5. Luther “To Be or Not to Be Yes Lets”: 1251

For the scoring, we randomly split the teams into judging groups. The top two teams from each Round 1 judging group advanced to Round 2, where they were judged by another second judging group. The top two teams from the Round 2 groups advanced to Finals, where they were scored by the remaining judges. The results looked like this:

Round 1
Group A

Lord Byng: 318
Penticton: 238
Lindsay Thurber: 289
Huron Heights “Violet:” 237
Huntsville: 274

Round 1
Group B

Luther “Prov I Am:” 302
Grimsby: 331
Archbishop O’Neill: 301
Carson Graham: 357

Round 1
Group C

Luther “To Be Or Not To Be:” 295
St. Matts: 309
Burnaby: 276
Huron Heights “Noir:” 257

Round 1
Group D

Kitsilano: 321
Ladysmith: 331
Rockridge: 317
Langley FA: 296

Round 2
Group AB

Lord Byng: 660
Lindsay Thurber: 603
Carson Graham: 684
Grimsby: 624

Round 3
Group CD

St. Matts: 627
Luther-2: 626
Kitsilano: 609
Ladysmith: 626

Group ABCD

Carson Graham: 1334
Lord Byng: 1331
St. Matts: 1272
Ladysmith: 1263
Luther “To Be Or Not To Be:” 1251

The Online Wildcard Tournament is open to ANY school team from ANYWHERE in Canada.  Even if your school already participates in a regional tournament, you can still submit a team to the Online Tournament. Even if your school has never participated or even seen the Canadian Improv Games before, you can participate in the Online Wildcard Tournament.

All the usual rules of the Canadian Improv Games apply:

  • Teams play 4 out of the 5 events (Theme and Life mandatory)
  • No more than 8 performers on a team (no player substitutions from event to event)
  • 4-minute time limit on all scenes (though scenes can be shorter)

The difference is, instead of performing live in front of a panel of Canadian Improv Games judges, your performance is recorded on video and submitted online and then evaluated by our panel of judges. The winning team will compete at the National Tournament in Ottawa this spring!

Submitting a team is easy:

  1. Complete the registration form at the bottom of this page by February 3rd, 2017
  2. Mail a cheque with the registration fee ($115) to
    Canadian Improv Games
    135 Seraphin-Marion
    K1N 6N5
    Ottawa, ON
  3. Email with the date and time you plan on filming your submission so that we can get your suggestion for the theme event on time.
  4. Submit your filmed performance to by February 9th, 2017 at 5pm EST.

For further details on the rules and regulations, visit the Online Wildcard Tournament Information Page

And / or contact the National Office:

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