Online Wildcard

Welcome to the Canadian Improv Games Online Wildcard!

1. Now that you have registered with the OWC, we need to know what day you’ll be filming by January 11, 2019! Once we receive this date and time, a Canadian Improv Games staff member will send you a THEME for your event which you will use on your filming date. Click here to submit your date.

2. We must receive your filmed OWC video submissions no later than February 7th, 2019.

As well, can we add a note to the first “TECH INFORMATION” about continuous filming: “This means that if you are filming two teams at the same event, each team must perform their events back to back before the other team performs – they can not alternate events.”

Please let me know when this is done so I can send info out to schools!

Video Submission deadline: February 7th, 2019

Finalist Announced: February 28th, 2019



The Online Wildcard is an opportunity for registered Canadian Improv Games student teams from across Canada to perform the CIG events, receive feedback from CIG judges, and qualify for the National Tournament in Ottawa —  but instead of performing your scenes live for our judges, you’ll submit a video of your performance online.

A panel of expert judges will evaluate all the videos, and the team with the highest scores will get to compete at the National Tournament! Also, our excellent, cross-country volunteers will provide your team with a written adjudication to help further develop the team’s skills.


      • All the normal Canadian Improv Games rules apply: play four out of the five events (Theme and Life are mandatory), four minute time limit for all scenes, eight players maximum per team and no player substitutions between scenes, etc. For more information or clarification on the rules of the Canadian Improv Games, please consult the rulebook (, read your Discovering the Moment Coaches Manual or email us at
      • The suggestion for your Theme event is provided by us via a phone call or text message LIVE during your performance. All other suggestions for your scenes can be solicited from the audience as normal.
      • The video has to be filmed in one continuous take, all events back-to-back, with no editing. For further details and tips about filming your improv, visit