The Great Alumni Roundup Tour #CIG40

A cross-country tour celebrating 40 years of CIG advancing the practice of improvisational theatre in Canada.

CIG all-stars, Spencer Dunn and Michelle Hart, are hitting the good ol’ Trans Canada highway to kick off the CIG40 Celebration beginning with Regina on January 19, 2017.

On a mission to connect with over 100,000 CIG alumni from the Lower Mainland to St. John’s, the Round Up team has put together some amazing events from alumni showcases and interviews (to be featured at the CIG40 Celebration) to city tours exploring the history of improv in Canada.

Learn more about performing opportunities, interview sessions, volunteering and workshops by checking back here for updates, following our Facebook events or getting in touch with Michelle and Spencer at

Get caught up in the Roundup!


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Regina: January 18th – 22nd

January 18th    Improv for Autism Workshop
January 19th    Improv Filming in the City
January 20th    Volunteer Podcast
January 20th    Alumni Meet and Greet
January 20th    Alumni Showcase


Vancouver: January 23rd – 24th and Victoria January 26th

January 23rd    Workshop in Vancouver
January 23rd    Alumni Showcase in Vancouver
January 24th    Improv Filming in the City
January 24th    Workshop in Vancouver
January 24th    CIG Volunteer Podcast
January 25th    Alumni Showcase in Victoria


Winnipeg: January 27th – 30th

January 27th    Alumni Showcase
January 29th    Volunteer Podcast, Alumni Interviews
January 30th    Improv Filming in the City


Sudbury/Muskoka: February 4th – 6th

February 5th   Alumni Showcase in Muskoka


Ottawa: February 8th – 10th

February 9th      Improv Filming in the City
February 10th     Alumni Showcase


Newfoundland: February 14th – 19th

February 14th     Improv Filming in the City
February 15th     Student Workshop Day
February 16th     Alumni Workshop
February 17th     Alumni Filming/Media
February 17th     Alumni Meet and Greet
February 17th     Alumni Showcase
February 18th     Newfoundland Tournament
February 19th     Newfoundland Finals


Halifax: February 21st – 24th

February 21st        Alumni Showcase
February 22nd      Halifax Tournament
February 23rd       Improv Filming in the City
February 23rd       Halifax Tournament


New Brunswick and PEI: February 24th – March 1st

February 24th        NB and PEI Tournament
February 25th        NB and PEI Tournament, Finals
March 1st               Improv Filming in the City
March 1st               Alumni Showcase


Montreal: March 3rd – 5th

March 5th          Alumni Showcase
March 6th          Workshop
March 7th          Workshop


Kingston: March 6th – 10th

March 8th               Improv Filming in the City
March 9th/10th      Alumni Showcase and Meet and Greet


Tri-City: March 20th – March 25th    

March 21st       Tri-City Tournament
March 22nd     Improv Filming in the City
March 22nd     Tri-City Tournament
March 23rd      Alumni Showcase at The Making Box
March 24th      Tri-City Tournament, finals