11155162_10155462657545720_3454862344840232107_oBelow is the link to the latest version of the Canadian Improv Games’ official rule book. The rules outlined in this document¬†were compiled at the 2015 National Finals in a meeting with all of the country’s regional directors, to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Formerly, the rules were outlined in our Coaches Companion document (ask your regional director for a copy).

The purpose of this new document is to increase transparency and add clarity as to how a tournament is run, what makes up an improv team, and how a night of play proceeds.

Please don’t hesitate to contact a representative in your region or our Artistic Advisory Committee¬†for clarification on any of the rules listed in the document below.

CIG Rule-book v.1.0 (last updated, October 2015)

Or here’s a printable PDF version

From year to year, with each new publication of the Rule book, a changelog will be listed on this page.