An opportunity for students to let loose vocally and physically, Samurai is a great way to break the students’ bond to the outside world and welcome them, ninja-style, to the improv world.


Students stand in a circle.

Each creates a Samurai “sword” by putting their hands together, palm-to-palm.

Raising his/her “sword” above his/her head, an improviser lets out a classic ninja yell and brings his/her hands down, “stabbing” across the circle at another improviser.

When the first Samurai has their “sword” up, the other Samurais to his/her right and left have an opportunity to use their own “swords” to stab the first Samurai’s soft underbelly. They will let out a yell when they do so, bringing their arm-swords across the first Samurai’s belly in a lateral motion (they do not actually touch the person, just cut across).

Once the “stab” has been passed, the receiver will raise their sword and let out a yell while passing the stab to another player. The players on his/her left will attack the players belly while shouting, as with the first Samurai.

Play continues until players are thoroughly riled up.


To warm up physically and vocally and get in touch with impulses; to get energized and excited about improv; to let loose and let go of inhibitions.


Sometimes it’s hard for us to let go of the stresses of the day and the habits related to looking cool and looking good. Screaming your little Samurai heart out is a good way to get over this.