Status A/B Walk

An introduction to concepts of status in scenework.


Divide the group into two halves, Group A and Group B. Ask both groups to walk around the space, but with certain directives. Without revealing which group is high status or low status, direct Group A to move about the space using high status indicators (maintaining eye contact with those they pass, little or no blinking, direct, confident strides, etc.). Direct Group B to move about the space using low status indicators (head lowered, rapid, darting eye movement, taking up as little space as possible, touching of the face, etc.). Have the group play out a group party scene using these directives and have them talk to at least three people at the party. Debrief and discuss. Switch groups and repeat.


To explore concepts of status; to see how physicality contributes to status in characters.


Status can strongly define and influence both a character and a scene. Most students are already playing it to some extent before the concept is introduced; however, giving them the tools to explore it more seriously can help heighten status work in scenes. Students should be encouraged to use status in a non-verbal and physical way, as opposed to being extremely chatty in the party scene.


There are many ways to explore concepts of high and low status. Take a look at some of the other status exercises on the site, and feel free to blend and adjust them to suit your group’s needs.