Summer Programs

Just because the school year ends, doesn’t mean improv does!

Canadian Improv Games offers 3 summer programs for young peopleImprov U and Improvcamp (ages 13-18) as well as the Next Act Festival (ages 19-24).

Improv U and Improvcamp, are camps for young improvisers (ages 13-18) who are looking to explore the art of improv, learn life skills like positivity, communication, leadership, commitment and teamwork, make new friends and have fun.

At these camps, young improvisers have the opportunity to further develop their artistic expression as part of a group of ensembles that participate in workshops, learn the ins-and-outs of producing shows and creating scenes while working with different trainers.  Students also get a number of performance opportunities during their stay at camp, where they get to demonstrate what they’ve learned in front of a loving audience of their fellow campers and staff.  And, of course, it wouldn’t be real camp without outdoor activities!

Accommodations, meals and the camp program are all included in the registration fee.


Improv U takes place every July in Quebec

For more details and upcoming July 2020 dates, visit the camp page by clicking here!



Improv Camp takes place every August

For more details and upcoming 2020 dates, visit the camp page by clicking here!


The Canadian Improv Games also runs a fun summer festival for improvisers out of high school (ages 19-24).  This intensive 4-day training program for intermediate improvisers takes place in different cities across Canada each summer in collaboration with theatre companies across Canada.

For more details and upcoming 2020 dates, visit our festival page by clicking here!