Online Summer Camp 2020

Welcome to Online Improv Summer Camp 2020! Though Improvcamp and Improv U had to be cancelled this year for the health and safety of our community we wanted to still provide incredible improv programming during the summer months!

This year the CIG will host its first ever online summer camp for students ages 13-18.

Participants will get 20 hours of improv training, 5 hours of meet and greet and warm up games, AND the week will culminate with a Zoom showcase (more info TBA). The camp will run daily from 11:30am EST-6:30pm EST with two hour-long breaks throughout the day. Workshops will run for one hour each and there will be a half hour warm-up and cool-down at the beginning and ending each day.

Week 1 – August 10-14

Week 2 – August 17-21

If there is an overwhelming interest we will may add a third week from August 24-28

Right now we are accepting 16 participants per week. These 16 students will be broken into two ensembles – intermediate and advanced – and will be taught by some top-notch improv instructors. We may open up more ensembles if there is a high demand for learning.

Just like our summer camp programs students will have the opportunity to hone their improv skills, meet students from across the country and showcase their talents. Though the curriculum is rooted in the CIG’s core principles the camp will be structured around performing improv virtually and won’t be limited to the “4-minute scene” structure used throughout the CIG school year.

Unlike our usual summer camp programming this camp will take place completely online! Students will be given a login to a Zoom Room and will take 4 workshops throughout the day.

The cost will be 150$+HST and financial support is available for students for whom the cost is a barrier. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite. The link for which is at the end of the Google Form below.

To register follow the Google Link here:

Meet you trainers!

Vanessa Prevost

Vanessa Prevost is an improviser, stand up, and sketch comedian from Regina, Saskatchewan. She started doing improv in grade five and was INSTANTLY HOOKED. This ends her fifth year with Hitchhikers Improv, while also having the pleasure of directing B*rude Comedy sketch show this past year. She has run Eyes Up Here, and all female and non gender binary comedy show in the past, as well. When she’s not performing, she’s hanging out with her two hamsters, Princess Pizza Pop and Chubs, and is always down to go to the park and talk to the birds.

Katy Warren

Katy Warren is an improv trainer and performer based in Waterloo, Ontario. Originally from St. John’s, her 13 years with the Canadian Improv Games has seen her in many roles including student, judge, volunteer coordinator, and national trainer. She also works as an improv instructor with the Making-Box in Guelph and Kitchener. She is so excited for online camp, and can’t wait to e-jam with you all!

Katy will be an instructor from August 10-14th!

David Borja

David Borja is a creative and performer based in Vancouver. His recent collaborators include CircusWest, Dirty Betty Show, Vancouver Theatresports, QueerProv, Uncle Janes, Improvcamp, and Alchemy Theatre. When he’s not doing improv or something tech related he makes videos on his YouTube channel, Bit Button, and works on his latest longform comic (currently he’s working on a romantic comedy). He studies TV and Video production at BCIT.

David will be an instructor from August 17-21!

To register for a full week of camp follow the Google Link here:

Once you have completed the form you will have access to the Eventbrite Ticket Link!

Can’t commit to an entire week? Don’t worry- we have workshops for you too!

The CIG is proud to announce FOUR one-off workshops! Each workshop is 1.5 hours long and they provide an offer for a wide range of students from beginner to advanced!


Workshops are broken into three categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Please be aware of your own skill level and choose a workshop accordingly. Beginner workshops are for students who are going into grade 8, 9, or 10 and do not have to have any previous Improv Experience. These workshops will introduce students to the building blocks of improv over Zoom. Intermediate workshops are for students going into grade 10, 11, and 12 or who have participate in then CIG for more than 2 years. This workshop is designed for students who need some help getting to the next level. Advanced workshops are for students going into grade 12 or 12+ or who have been participating in CIG for more than 3 years. This will be a challenging workshop and students should sign up accordingly.

Intermediate: Next Steps with Brigitte May – August 13th, 7-8:30pm EST

This workshop is designed for students who have been around the improv block a few times. If you are going into grade 11 or 12 this is the perfect workshop for you! You know the basic building blocks of improv but want to take yourself to the next level!

Brigitte May

Brigitte May is an improviser and writer from Vancouver, British Columbia. She has been a part of the Canadian Improv Games as a player, coach, judge, and more for TEN WHOLE YEARS (wowza)!!! She serves as a cast member of Fistful of Kicks, Canada’s premier Asian-Canadian stage combat improv group, and has performed with them at the Improvised Play Festival in Austin, Texas, The Stumptown Improv Festival in Portland, and the Vancouver International Improv Festival in Vancouver! In her free time, Brigitte loves talking about how mean her dog is (and how much she still loves him)!!! She is SO STOKED to meet you all and hopes you’ll join her in some virtual canoeing!

Beginner: Intro to Zoom-prov with Glenys Marshall – August 15th, 2-3:30pm EST

This workshop is perfect for students who are a bit nervous about doing improv over Zoom! It’s surprisingly fun and easy! If you are heading into grade 8, 9, or 10 this is a great workshop for you to take!

Glenys Marshall

Glenys Marshall is an improviser of 10 years and a longtime CIG lover. A graduate from Humber College’s Comedy Writing and Performance program, as well as the Second City Conservatory, she has experience performing and teaching improv, sketch, stand-up, clown, and general foolishness. She’s taken a particular liking to musical improv and sketch, and is working towards releasing an EP! Her personal heroes include, but are not limited to, Gilda Radner, Gary Gulman, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Beginner: Intro to Zoom-prov with Sam Wharram – August 20th, 7-8:30pm EST

This workshop is perfect for students who are a bit nervous about doing improv over Zoom! It’s surprisingly fun and easy! If you are heading into grade 8, 9, or 10 this is a great workshop for you to take!

Sam Wharram

Sam Wharram is an improvisor, actor, director, and technician wrapped into a 5’5” bundle of joy. They have an extensive history of acting, and have been working with the CIG since 2016, and a player in the games since 2010. As well as attending the 2019 Next Act Festival, they have received workshops from Vancouver Theatre Sports, Jeff Gladstone, Scott Swann, and other community based improvisors. They also spent their last year of university running an drop-in improv club, based in accessibility and education.

They believe that the power of play is important to life, and live their life with the mantra “Yes, And!”

Advanced: All the World’s An Offer with Aidan Parker – August 22nd, 2-3:30pm EST

All mistakes, unconscious habits, patterns, and barriers can be turned into fuel for brilliant scene work, if given a strong emotional response and an attitude of acceptance! In an era where improv is being done over new platforms like Zoom, a workshop like this could help students learn to see how new mediums can be a source of inspiration to the scene, rather than as a barrier to be defeated or ignored. It also helps connect you deeper to the person you’re doing your scene with.

This workshop is just for students going into grade 12 or 12+ or have been involved with the CIG for at least 4 years.

Aidan Parker

Aidan Parker is a Vancouver-based writer, improvisor, actor, and teacher. He graduated UBC’s Creative Writing program with a BFA in playwriting, screenwriting, and creative non-fiction. As an improviser, he’s performed with companies such as the Canadian Improv Games (where he won a bronze medal at the 2013 National Tournament), UBC improv, and Instant Theatre. He currently performs with Fistful of Kicks, an Asian-Canadian improv troupe. Recent festival credits include: the Stumptown Improv Festival in Portland, OR; two headlining performances at the Improvised Play Festival in Austin, TX; an award winning performance at the Montreal Improv Summit; and a performance with special guest Andrew Phung of Kim’s Convenience at the Vancouver Improv Festival. He teaches improv to students aged 6-45 at UBC Improv, Instant Theatre, Sutherland Secondary, UBC Camps, the East End Boys Club and Girls Group, Templeton Secondary, and Improvcamp. Aidan is also the founder and director of Instant Theatre’s Colour Commentary, which aims to welcome more people of colour into the improv community. He’s currently lead instructor for The Arts Club Theatre Company’s After School Drama Programs, where he directs and builds shows with youth in Vancouver’s inner city schools.

To sign up for ANY of these workshops please follow then link below, once you’ve filled out the registration form you will have access to an Eventbrite link where you can purchase your ticket!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Operations Manager at

All of the summer camp programming will happen on Zoom. For the safety of our staff and students each session will be recorded and saved on the Zoom cloud service which will only be available to the National Office. Each session will be safe and secure.