Work with us at Improvcamp! 




Improvcamp is a week-long summer camp held at Camp Fircom (Gambier Island, BC) where young improvisers receive comprehensive instruction in improvisational theatre by professionals from all over North America. Campers will be organized into ensembles that will travel from workshop to workshop, gaining skills and learning about their craft. There are performances each night, and many summer camp favourites like field games, canoeing and campfires!


Are you inspired by supporting young people to deepen their connection with themselves, new friends, and the world around them? Are you ready to spend a week deep-diving into improvisational theatre while in some of the most breathtaking places? As camp counsellors, first aider, or trainers, you will make friends for life, eat delicious food, and make a huge difference in the lives of young people.


Our team is made up of  mature, creative, and nurturing individuals that are capable of providing each camper with a safe, supportive, and memorable camp experience. Lots of energy, a positive attitude, and love are a must! It’s a short week but we cram it full of action. We focus on creating communities of belonging by connecting with each other through improv and provide an environment support.


Requirements for all applicants:


-Arrive in Vancouver no later than 4 pm August 14th 

-Responsible for their own travel

-Fully vaccinated against COVID-19

-Provide a Vulnerable Sector Check 

APPLICATIONS CLOSE MAY 20TH 11:59PM                                      QUESTIONS: IMPROVCAMP@IMPROV.CA






We are looking for folks who are engaging, enjoy working with youth, and have a knack for program planning.

Camp counsellors are in charge of the well-being and safety the campers. Their duties include coordinating and facilitating engaging activities, supervising campers to make sure they are safe and happy. Counsellors with teaching experience will have an opportunity to teach at Improvcamp through our elective day!


       -19+ years of age

       -Provide a Vulnerable Sector Check upon hire.

       -Applicants are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.




We are looking for folks who have experience in teaching improv, theatre, acting, or clowning.

Trainers are in charge of teaching a specified workshop to each ensemble at Improvcamp. Trainers are expected to teach 2-3 workshops each day. Their workshop will be developed prior to camp based on their specialty and curriculum provided by the Camp Directors. In addition to running workshops they are assigned an ensemble of campers. In this ensemble they are responsible for their nightly showcase, addressing overall skill development throughout the week and, group dynamics.


       -Minimum 2-year experience leading and teaching workshops.

       -19+ years of age

       -Provide a Vulnerable Sector Check upon hire.

       -Applicants are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.



First Aid Attendant 

They are responsible for the health, safety, and medical care of everyone at the camp.

First Aid Attendent has valid First Aid Certification in compliance with BC guidelines. Knowledge of health and wellness issues, particularly those pertaining to a camp environment. Experience volunteering/working where First Aid certification was required. A lifeguarding certification is an asset but not a necessity. All cases of injury or illness are reported to Camp Fircoms Level 3 First Aider as well as the Camp Directors.


       -Valid First Aid Certification

       -19+ years of age

       -Provide a Vulnerable Sector Check upon hire.

       -Applicants are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.


Here, there, and everywhere!

Regardless of how your team is meeting, we’ll Zoom/FaceTime/Google Meets into your space and run a 1-hour workshop for up to 10 participants. If you and your team are meeting entirely virtually – we can accommodate that too! 

You will be sent a lesson plan ahead of time to help more smoothly run the workshop. 

Fill out the Google Form below and a CIG representative will reach out to you to complete your booking.

If you have ANY questions please reach out to our Program Manager, Spencer Dunn, at