Flock Dance

A physical warm-up that also works on group mind.


Students arrange themselves in a “flying V” with one person at the front of the stage and the others staggered behind them, like a flock of birds.

Player at the front begins leading a dance (either to a stereo or to music that they hum or sing themselves).

The other players follow the leader, duplicating their movements as closely as possible.

After 15-20 seconds (or when the song changes, if you’ve got a stereo and a “DJ”), a new leader moves into the front until each player has had a chance to try leading.


To attack and commit to the moment; to be aware of leadership and to take initiative; to let go of habitual physicality and be aware of physical offers; to share the stage.


Flock dance is about finding a balance between leaders and followers, so in as much as followers should be aware of the leader, so should the leader be aware of his/her followers and ensure that they are supported.

Safety is also a concern, as the flock will be watching the head bird.

Also, this is a silly physical warm-up. Stress the silliness and the commitment required to make it work.