RuleBooks and Manuals

Below you will find all of the rulebooks and manuals pertinent to the CIG. This includes the official CIG Rulebook, the Coaches Manual and many others! 

Coaches' Manual

Coaching an Improvisation team can be a very rewarding experience. Improvisers are among the most energetic and positive people you’ll ever meet! As a coach, you want to set a tone which encourages team bonding, experimentation, and creativity. The more relaxed and safe your players feel, the more confident they will be as a team. The following introductory lessons are intended to build the skills that will establish a foundation of support and confidence.

Read up on everything you need to know about being a CIG coach right here: Coaches’ Manual


The CIG rulebook is the guiding document that outlines ALL of the official rules of the CIG, including rules about tournaments, team make-up, and registration! Find it here: Rulebook