COVID-19 Program Update

From the Canadian Improv Games Board of Directors:

It is with a heavy heart that the Board of the Canadian Improv Games (“CIG”) announces the cancellation of the CIG National Tournament as well as CIG’s summer programming Improv U, Next Act, Improvcamp. At this stage we believe the pace of infection and increasing impact of COVID-19 in our communities makes cancellation the safest and most responsible course of action.These programs are the culmination of the hard work and commitment to improvised excellence by students, teachers, volunteers and theatre professionals from across the country, and the decision to cancel was not made lightly. However we are committed to being responsible members of our communities, and we believe this decision is a reflection of that.

The Staff and Board of the Canadian Improv Games wish our students and all of our communities – volunteers, teachers, families, audiences and alumni – the best of health. 

Email if you have any questions.



Improvcamp is a week-long summer camp held at Camp Fircom (Gambier Island, BC) where young improvisers receive comprehensive instruction in improvisational theatre by professionals from all over North America. Campers will be organized into ensembles that will travel from workshop to workshop, gaining skills and learning about their craft. There are performances each night, and many summer camp favourites like canoeing and hiking—a great way to meet other young improvisers from across Canada.


About Improvcamp

Improvcamp is a Summer camp run by Canadian Improv Games. A truly memorable and exciting experience for high school students who love the art of improvisational theatre, and, thanks to our Leadership Program, it’s also a place for recent grads to expand their skills.

For over a decade, Improvcamp has created exciting, life-changing programming through the use of improvisation. The Improvcamp uses improv as a learning tool to foster skills like positivity, leadership, commitment and teamwork. Improvcamp was created in 2002 as an opportunity to further promote the lifelong skills and artistic expression within young improvisers. Not surprisingly, it has done so—and then some!

The Camp Program

The camper program is the ultimate combination of outdoor activities and the best improvisational training Canada has to offer. Each day at Improvcamp, campers take intensive workshops from some of the most talented instructors from across Canada and beyond, which cover all facets of improvisational theatre. They also participate in camp-wide games, swim, lounge at the beach and work together on performance projects. At night, Improvcamp becomes a venue for improv theatre and entertainment. Each evening there are performances by the campers, as well as campfires, beach-party extravaganzas, and numerous other surprises. And dance parties. So many dance parties. This program is for improvisers of all skill and experience levels.

Leadership Program

The leadership program is designed for young people who are ready to take the next step, both as improvisers and youth leaders. The members of the leadership program take workshops to grow their improvisation skill set, but they also take seminars designed to enhance their abilities as leaders and mentors. This program is both challenging and rewarding, and vital for those improvisers who are interested in assisting in the growth of the next generation. We ask that individuals who wish to apply for the Leadership Program fill out our application form. The deadline for applications is May 20th, we will select candidates for the program on June 1st, 2020.

Our Leadership Program is for current Grade 12 students (as of September 2019) and recent high school graduates. Applicants are welcome to register for camp as a camper while awaiting the results of their application. Successful applicants who have not yet registered for camp will be asked to do so upon accepting a position in the leadership program.

Apply for Leadership Here!

Getting to Camp

All campers will take a water taxi to get to Gambier Island. There’s a drop off near Horseshoe Bay Public Docks in North Vancouver. Full drop off information will be sent out in the Welcome Package once you’ve registered.

For campers arriving from out of town, there is an additional fee of $40 for bus transport from the airport or bus terminal to the docks. Please be sure to select it if you are arriving by Bus or Plane.

Want to register for camp?

The cost is $768 before March 1st and $825 after. Because everything must be precisely costed in advance, we cannot offer any refunds for camp registrations.

Find out why our campers call this the “BEST CAMP EVER!”

You are able to register on Eventbrite here!

Download the invoice here!


Registration includes

  • 6 days of improv and theatre workshops, field activities, social and team-building activities
  • 6 nights accommodations at Camp Fircom
  • Water taxi to and from Gambier Island (embarks from Horseshoe Bay Government Dock in North Vancouver)
  • 3 meals per day plus an evening snack in the camp dining hall prepared by our professional staff
  • Placement in a performance ensemble where you’ll work, perform and play with new friends from across Canada
  • Up to 5 performance opportunities
  • An awesome camp t-shirt

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: What should I bring?
  • A: Here’s a suggested packing list. Even if you’ve been to camp before it’s always a good reminder of what to bring.
  • Q: Will there be vegetarian/special dietary options?
  • A: Yes! Camp Fircom is able to accommodate most dietary restrictions. Please indicate on your camper profile form if you have any dietary restrictions.
  • Q: Do I have to have any improv experience?
  • A: None at all! Improvcamp/ is an inclusive, safe space for students of all ages and skill levels. Our programming is malleable and will be tailored to each student’s level of comfort and skill.