Kitty Wants a Corner

A fun, physical energizer and Brain Fry exercise.


Players stand in a circle, with one player in the centre (the Kitty).

The Kitty approaches one of the players and says, “Kitty wants a corner,” The player who was asked responds with, “Ask my neighbour” and points to the player on his/her left or their right. The Kitty then moves to ask the person the player has indicated.

At the same time, any two other players can silently make eye contact and (when they have connected) quickly switch places across the circle. This almost always occurs behind the Kitty’s back.

If the Kitty (who is busy asking for a corner) notices players switching places and is able to take one of their spots in the circle, the player who lost their spot becomes the new Kitty.


To have fun, to play, and to commit to a moment; to communicate non-verbally with other players and to come to an agreement to create something new; to sharpen awareness.


Stress safety, commitment, agreement and fun.