Video: Listening


It’s what makes your team act like a team:┬áListening.

Even though listening is usually regarded as a passive act, there are many ways to actively demonstrate listening in improvisation. Players should be focused on the action of the scene and/or present in the moment. Teams will be able to share and pass focus effectively throughout the scene. Players will demonstrate that they can pick up on subtle offers such as background details or silent actions, and they will reincorporate ideas from earlier in the scene. Good listening can also be demonstrated by showing moments of synchronicity and connection between the players.

If watching this video as a group, use this content as a starting point for discussion.

Terms used in this video:

In improvisation, physicality refers to the use of the body and action to convey information above that which is spoken.

This refers to the coordination or synchronization of a group which can give the appearance of all players having the same thoughts or ideas simultaneously, as if they were all of one mind.

Revisiting an idea from earlier in the scene, or from a previous scene in the show, or even from a previous performance.

Games referenced in this video:

Flock Dance

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