Ottawa Regional Program

Welcome to the Ottawa Regional Canadian Improv Games Program! 

Established in 1977 as the inaugural Canadian Improv Games, the Ottawa regional program is the longest running!  Today, the Ottawa CIG is part of a national network of regional teams that join the Canadian Improv Games through their local high school.  During the school year, students gain access to a number of exciting and unique programs that encourage exploring the art of improv, learning life skills like Positivity, Communication, Leadership, Commitment and Teamwork, making new friends and having fun.

For more information, to register your high school in our 2018 program or to get involved as a volunteer, player or coach, please contact Regional Producer Zac Duval at


Regional Producer, Zac Duval. 

Zac has been involved in improvisation in Ottawa for seven years in many facets. He has coached, volunteered, and played with the Canadian Improv Games at the local and national level. He was an executive member of the University of Ottawa’s improv team “MI-6” for three years and performed in cities across Ontario and Quebec with the team. He is also a longtime improviser and pianist for Outtake Improv, Ottawa’s premier genre-based improv troupe.
Zac’s involvement in the arts doesn’t end with improv; he’s a graduate of the University of Ottawa’s Theatre Department in the Acting Profile, he plays five different musical instruments, and even juggles! He looks forward to continuing to peruse a career as a high school teacher.


2017/2018 Ottawa Region + CIG National Upcoming Events


CIG Ottawa Fun Fact:

The Ottawa program is the oldest in the Canadian Improv Games history – welcome to where it all started!  Originally founded as the Improv Olympics here in Ottawa in 1977, the name was shortly thereafter changed to Canadian Improv Games when the International Olympic Committee issued a cease-and-desist letter!


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