Press Conference

Putting a character/genre in the hot seat.


One student stands on stage and is given a character trait or genre of theatre/film by his/her fellow players. The player then emerges as though at a press conference, and introduces him/herself, his/her project, or whatever information the character wants to convey. Other students then act as the press, introducing themselves and their publications and then asking questions, which are answered in character. Take turns with a few students, taking on different traits or genres each time.


To create and make character/genre offers; to expand and heighten on characters through offers made by fellow players; to explore genre within a specific game.


Students should be very mindful of supporting each other in this game, as one of them has been put in the hot seat. A good opportunity to teach students about making each other look good (i.e.: asking questions that elevate, not stump, the player on stage). Works best when the character trait/genre is echoed—complimented or contrasted—in some way by the “members of the press,” i.e.: If the character trait is nervous, a press member might be from the “Relaxed Gazette” or the “Paranoid Press.


Can also be played as an audition, where a panel (consisting of director, producer, etc.) auditions characters for a “part” one by one. A quicker version, as a line of auditioners should be waiting in the wings to go next.