Rapid Fire Freeze

This is a variation on a classic performance game…


Two players begin a scene. Once the scene is minimally established, an off-stage player yells “freeze”. The on-stage improvisors freeze in their last physical position. The off stage player enters, taps one character out, takes their exact physical position and then justifies it while establishing a new scene. Once this new scene is established, the process repeats itself.


To practice establishing scenes through exploration of environments or activities, and to practice justifying physical positions on the stage.


Don’t wait for a great idea, call freeze as soon as the new scene has been established.


Blind Freeze: Two players on stage, the rest in a line against the back wall. The first improvisor in line turns their back on the stage, and when it sounds as though the scene has been established they yell “freeze.” They then go in and take the position of one of the players, seeing it for the first time, and initiate a new scene.