Tournament Details

You must register prior to recording your submission!

Once registered, the Canadian Improv Games will send you an envelope of “themes” for your THEME event.  This envelope must be opened on camera.

Show Information

Your submission must be taped in front of a live audience.

  • It does not necessarily need to be in a big auditorium, it can take place in a drama room
  • You can charge admission for this show if you like – proceeds could go to the improv program at your school or help to fundraise your way to Ottawa if you advance to the National Tournament.
  • Remember, the audience is where your host is going to get their suggestions for scenes.  Also, a good audience serves as a source of energy for your players!
  • Your Canadian Improv Games presentation needs a host (referee) and a timekeeper
    • Your host is responsible for collecting suggestions from the audience as well as ensuring that the show keeps moving in a timely manner.  The entire recording should take no more than 30 minutes.
    • Your time keeper is responsible for calling out time calls at 1minute remaining and 30 seconds remaining as well as ensuring that the scene ends at the 4 minute mark.  (Although, teams are not required to use all 4 minutes)

Tech Information

The entire video entry (all 4 events) must be shot using one continuous camera angle, which includes event introductions, the gathering of suggestions, huddles and full scenes.

  • The shot doesn’t need to be a static one, though be warned that excessive zooming may make it difficult to get a sense of the full staging of the scene.
  • If using in-camera sound, make sure the camera (or microphone, if using a separate microphone) is close enough to the performance that voices can be heard clearly.  So, if in a large auditorium, don’t have the camera way at the back and zoomed in, have the camera as close to the action as possible, but in a spot where you can see the whole stage, for the best sound possible.
  • We understand that improv on video can pale in comparison to seeing it live.  All we ask is that we can clearly see and hear the action.
  • Feel free to recruit others to help out with the video production!  Many schools have an A/V team capable of shooting and editing video.  Ask your students if they know anyone who can help out on the technical side of things.
  • When processing your video submission keep in mind that the finished product should be no longer than 30 minutes and of a file size no larger than 300MB.
    • We recommend, when exporting your final video, to select a “medium” file size.
    • The submitted video can begin at the introduction of the first event
    • We’ll be able to open just about any file type, though ideally we’d love DIVX, MP4 or H264 compression.
    • High Definition video?  Sure, you can shoot your submission in HD, however to keep the file sizes manageable, please export your video at a smaller size.

You can upload your video submission to our servers on THIS PAGE!