Online Training Videos

We believe that ANYONE can learn how to improvise.  It isn’t just for “creative types” or “quick thinkers.” The truth is that we are all creative and we can all think quickly – it’s just that, as with everything, the more you practice, the better you get.


Our Training Videos

Canadian Improv Games has been producing instructional training videos for over 25 years. Our new online training series, available to stream for free, breaks improvisation down into easy to understand component skills, such as Accepting Offers, Listening, Staging, etc. This list of skills are the same skills our judges evaluate in tournament play. More…

Here’s what you can find under this section:

Our online video banks are a wealth of classic training video scenes (just because it’s older, doesn’t make it any less relevant) as well as many examples of full scenes performed at the regional and national level, uploaded by ourselves as well as students, coaches and fans. Check out our YouTube channel and get lost in hours of scenes and training content.

The Rules

Visit our Rule Book page and read up on the specifics of how the Canadian Improv Games’ tournament system works.