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Below are a few examples of full events!

These are scenes recorded at actual nights of play. Keep in mind that these are only examples and that for each of the Canadian Improv Games events, there are many different ways a team can tackle an event. So draw inspiration from some of these examples. Maybe try one out for yourself or maybe one of these will inspire something totally different. Also, there is a lot more where this came from on the CIG Youtube Channel… check it out! More stuff added all the time.

Video from the 2010 Vancouver Island Finals

Ladysmith Secondary – Style Event

G.P. Vanier Secondary – Story Event

Here is some Video from the 2010 LM Regional Finals

New Westminster Secondary – Story Event

Carson Graham Secondary – Character Event:

Rockridge Secondary – Life Event:

New Westminster Secondary – Character Event:

Burnaby Mountain Character Event:

Rockridge Secondary – Theme Event:

Mountain Secondary – Story Event:

Prince of Wales Secondary – Story Event: