What Comes Next?

A game that explores an audience’s expectations when it comes to forwarding a narrative.


Get a few players up to do a scene. They can start establishing a platform based on a suggestion, or they can start by asking “What comes first?” Either way, after the first beat has been explored, the players stop (or are stopped by the director), and ask, “What comes next?” The audience or other players decide what will happen next in the story, and the players perform what the audience tells them to. The game continues until the natural ending is found.


To show how the audience are great, natural storytellers and help students find ways to advance a scene that are satisfying to an audience.


Make sure the students are exploring the beats that the audience have told them to. Do not allow them to advance without first stopping and asking, “What comes next?” The audience doesn’t have to give a lot of details, the details are handled by the players.


This game can also be a great way to explore a genre for a Style Event.