National Tournament & Festival

April 19–22, 2017
National Arts Centre, Ottawa


Each year, the top teams from every region in Canada compete at the National Tournament. Students have the chance to take workshops from improv trainers from across the country, meet improvisers from other regions, attend and compete in nightly shows and partake in social activities.

Teams who do not qualify to compete in the National Tournament may also participate as Festival Teams. Festival Teams can attend workshops, shows and social activities. Click here to learn more about the Festival Team experience and to register for the week!

Night One scores, April 19th, 2017:
Canterbury (Ottawa, ON) – 931
Miller Comprehensive (Regina, SK) – 830
Holy Heart of Mary (St John’s, NL) – 806
TD Christian (Toronto, ON) – 920
Riverview (Moncton, NB) – 829
R.E. Mountain (Vancouver, BC) – 918

Night Two scores, April 20th, 2017:
E.L. Crossley (Tricity, ON) – 825
W.P. Wagner (Edmonton, AB) – 788
Huntsville Secondary (Sudbury, ON) – 869
Ajax (Toronto, ON) – 814
Byngprov (Vancouver, BC) – 944
Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute (Winnipeg, MB) – 892

Night Three scores, April 21st, 2017:
Notre Dame (Ottawa, ON) – 932
Gulf Island Secondary (Vancouver Island, BC) – 944
LCVI (Kingston, ON) – 885
Dartmouth High (Halifax, NS) – 875
Carson Graham (Online Wildcard – Vancouver, BC) – 951
St Thomas (Montreal, QC) – 822

Performing on NATIONAL FINALS, April 22nd, 2017:
Carson Graham (Online Wildcard – Vancouver, BC)
Byngprov (Vancouver, BC)
Gulf Island Secondary (Vancouver Island, BC)
Notre Dame (Ottawa, ON)
Canterbury (Ottawa, ON)