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Students participating in Canadian Improv Games
Improv giving kids confidence

Confidence is just one of the benefits of improv for young people

CBC sponsored the finals of the 42nd annual Canadian Improv Games, bringing together 250 high schools and 5,000 students nationwide for the love of the art. While it’s a natural place to start for budding actors and comedians, all children and teens can reap positive and productive benefits from improv, whether they’re theatrically inclined or not.

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GP Vanier Improv Team

G.P. Vanier senior improv team headed to nationals

One of G.P. Vanier’s senior improv teams claimed the top spot in Vancouver Island improv and is preparing to head to Ottawa for nationals.

The gold vest clad team, named Invested, scored a first place finish at the Canadian Improv Games Vancouver Island regional finals held at Esquimalt High School on Feb. 15, something the team members had never achieved before.

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Huntsville Hosts Canadian Improv Games

Huntsville says ‘Yes, and …’ to Canadian Improv Games

HUNTSVILLE — Muskoka youth are creative and can think on their feet, but now it’s time to prove it in their own backyard.

The Canadian Improv Games are coming to Huntsville’s Algonquin Theatre on Feb. 16 for the regional finals. The event will bring students from high schools around the region to compete for a spot in the national finals in Ottawa.

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