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The latest updates and media mentions from the Canadian Improv Games. 

Students participating in Canadian Improv Games
Andrew Phung

Think fast: the Canadian Improv Games take the spotlight on CBC Gem

Improvisational theatre is the ultimate test for a stage performer: thinking fast on your feet and creating imaginative worlds with characters and ridiculous story arcs from nothing but a simple prompt from the audience ain’t easy.

It’s how actor Andrew Phung got his start in television. Kim’s Convenience creator Ins Choi discovered Phung while he was performing on stage at an improv show at the Edmonton Fringe Festival.

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Hitchhikers Improv

Comedy and community combine at Hitchhikers Improv

When host Andrew Parry opened the evening to rousing applause, it felt like the beginning of Saturday Night Live.

And like that long-running variety show, the Hitchhikers’ performance went on to run the gamut, as four teams performed — including one called Panago Baseball, which passed around three large pizzas among the audience before starting their set.

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Hello City

Hello City’s powerful play

The improvisational troupe Hello City is named after a song about how Halifax sucks. “The same people, the same drinks and the same music, the same quicksand / I think this harbour town is waist-deep and sinkin’ fast,” goes the first verse, taking a pause before rolling into the first line of the chorus: “Hello city, you’ve found an enemy in me.”

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Gulf Islands Improv Team

‘Slimy’ students win Canadian Improv Games trophy

They had to be silly, serious — even slimy — and in the end, their creativity paid off.

A team of six teenagers — including four actors and two musicians — from Gulf Islands Secondary School (GISS) on Salt Spring Island, B.C., were crowned the big winners at the Canadian Improv Games in Ottawa on April 4.

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